• Experts meet in Accra to improve road safety and urban mobility Aug 22, 2018

    Every year, road crashes are estimated to claim over 300,000 lives in Africa. According to WHO, the African region has 2 per cent of the world’s registered vehicles but a disproportionate 16 per cent of the world’s road traffic deaths. Road traffic fatalities are estimated to be the fourth leading cause of death of persons aged 5 through 44 years. To share experience in improving road safety, over 100 participants representing nearly 20 African Government Ministries of Infrastructure/Transport, National Road Safety Authorities and Councils, African sub-regional and regional organizations, international organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), academic and research institutions, and the private sector are attending a 2-day workshop on Road Safety and Urban Mobility in Accra, Ghana.

  • UNFPA Supports the Launch of a Coalition to champion against Gender Based Violence Aug 16, 2018

    The UN Resident Coordinator for Ghana, Ms. Christine Evans-Klock has called on partners and stakeholders working to end gender-based violence to move beyond advocacy and make the laws work. According to Ms. Evans-Klock “having laws and raising advocacy is not just enough”, adding that we need to address issues of prevention and guaranteeing justice to victims. Ms. Evans-Klock was speaking at the launch of a coalition of groups, individuals and organisations that will spearhead a national response to sexual and gender-based violence and harmful practices - CoPASH.

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Partnership with Ghana, 2018-2022 Aug 9, 2018

    The UN works in partnership with the Government and people of Ghana for sustainable economic, social and environmental development, peace and democracy, and human rights. On 13 June 2018, the Government of Ghana and the United Nations in Ghana jointly signed the UN Sustainable Development Partnership 2018-2022 (UNSDP), a five-year strategic framework that sets out the collective vision and response of the UN system to national development priorities.

  • UNIDO Supports Ghana to Develop Standards for Fruits, Fish, Cocoa and Wood Industries to Facilitate Imports and Exports Jul 23, 2018

    The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) have supported the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to develop a set of standards for fish, wood, fruits and cocoa industries, including processed goods.

  • UNODC launches new Drug Law Enforcement Unit (DLEU) in Koforidua, Ghana Jul 23, 2018

    To help strengthen the capacity of law enforcement agencies in Ghana in their fight against drug trafficking and related organized crime, UNODC refurbished and equipped a new DLEU in the Eastern region, which was officially launched on 19th July 2018 in Koforidua, Ghana.

  • Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams visits Ghana on behalf of the PeaceJam Foundation Jul 6, 2018

    Ms. Jody Williams is the founding coordinator of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), which was launched by six NGOs, including Human Rights Watch and Handicap International, in 1992. She and the Campaign jointly received the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize.


    The United Nations recognizes as good practice that the procedure for nominating and appointing members of the Electoral Commission (EC) is representative and inclusive of the views of different political parties and sectors of civil society.

  • UNHCR Ghana calls on Government to accede to UN Conventions on Statelessness Jul 5, 2018

    The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Ghana office and the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB) have called on the Government to develop the legal pathways for local integration of protracted refugees in the country and accede to the two UN Conventions on Statelessness.

  • National Maternal Child Health and Nutrition Conference and the launch of the Nurturing Care Framework Jul 5, 2018

    The First National Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Conference (MCHNC) has taken place in Accra to ‘‘map out strategies to decrease disparities in health services delivery and increase Universal Health Coverage.


    The United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) Regional Office for Africa in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) organized a three-day national technical workshop aimed at strengthening the capacities of selected government agencies and technical partners on national disaster loss accounting in Accra from 7-9 March 2018. UNISDR presented their tool, called DesInventar, for collecting and analyzing the losses a country experiences due to disasters. The initiative aims to strengthen the capacities of countries to provide information on damage and loss from disasters to enhance national planning and investment decisions which currently do not necessarily take into account disaster risks.